Gold Coast WebWiz, Web Design and SEO, Web development service.

Gold Coast WebWiz, Web Design and SEO, Web development service.

Olle R Persson, Gold Coast WebWiz, WebDesign

Gold Coast WebWiz Shared Hosting or Dedicated Servers. Gold Coast WebWiz are able to provide any level of Windows hosting you require, normally starting with shared hosting for the first 12 month. Expanding to dedicating hosting on own server for the full E-commerce web sites. Dedicated Managed Windows Servers The Best choice for managed dedicated Windows Servers Looking to add a windows dedicated server or build a complex windows cluster? Aadvanced Choice provides managed dedicated servers and IT services to give you the best dedicated windows hosting solutions available today.

Stay on the cutting edge with the latest hardware At Aadvanced Choice we offer the latest and greatest hardware options including quad core Clovertown processors, SCSI SAS 15K hard drives, upgradeable hardware configurations, etc... No matter your hardware requirement we have the right server configuration for you. Virtual Private Windows Servers The Best choice for Windows 2008 VPS Servers Looking to add a Windows VPS Server or build a complex windows VPS cluster?

Aadvanced Choice provides virtual private servers and IT services to give you the best windows VPS hosting solutions available today. Why our VPS Servers are Faster and more Reliable? At Aadvanced Choice we only use top of the line privately owned SuperMicro hardware including the latest Intel quad core processors and SCSI raid arrays.

We have also selected only the best datacenters with Premium bandwidth and redundancy to host our VPS Servers with up to 1Gbps public ports and up to 10Gbps private ports for use between VPS servers. We use Windows 2008 Hyper-V host servers to allow your VPS Server to take full advantage of its performance benefits of windows over other virtual server solutions available today. Gold Coast WebWiz Hosting Package start from a low: AUS $18.00 only

Olle R Persson, Gold Coast WebWiz, WebDesign


 Hosting Service - Gold Coast WebWiz Hosting Service.

Yes we host your website, at very competitive rates we place your website on our server, and a powerful server with a 99.9% uptime. This service provide sufficient storage and bandwidth, probably 10 times your needs - and also includes as many email addresses as you want.

Website Hosting;
Hosting websites for long term Internet presence and for shorter campaign based promotions. Top level domains are subject to full hosting charge, while sub domain are integrated and incur a 50% hosting fee only.

Shared hosting with 5 GB Space and 10 GB Monthly data, 50 Email addresses, full FTP access and Web Browser Administrator access. The initial allowance is no limitation, volumes can be increase indefinitely as needed.

Charge for website hosting, per Domain / Website;    $ 16.00 / Monthly.
(Invoiced in 12 month periods for each established website.)

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