Gold Coast WebWiz, Web Design and SEO, Web development service.

Gold Coast WebWiz, Web Design and SEO, Web development service.


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You are welcome to contact us at the most convenient way for you, feel free to use the Phone and E-mail contacts below. Or simply fill in the form below and we will reply over E-mail within the next 24 hours.

We love to have a chat or an ongoing conversation with our visitors, please send an E-mail – or give us a call – with any imaginable questions about the content on the page. All feedback is excellent education for us on how to improve our sites, thus better service our customers.
You can simply send us a brief about your business, possibly refer to any existing websites, and providers a simple outline of what you want to achieve online.

We work with any type of small business, in any area, and we implement search engine optimisation, SEO on any website platform you may have. (We do not redesign websites on platforms or designs will not familiar with, but if that’s the case we are happy to work with and instruct your web designer what need to be improved.

To just send us a line today, and we can commence a free assessment, a free consultation - and a free outline of what need to be done for your website to stop working for you instead of against you.

We are a small company as well, and you can contact myself directly on phone 07 5630 1276 - or on my email Olle(a)

 Olle R Persson, Gold Coast WebWiz, WebDesign

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Mona E. Persson, Gold Coast WebWiz, WebDesignMona E Persson;

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Olle R Persson, Gold Coast WebWiz, WebDesignOlle R Persson

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Here at Gold Coast Web Wiz, we are not selling websites!

We are actually allowing our sponsors and partners to offer their cheap websites here on the site, you will find some of the services under the “partner and sponsors” tab.

At web Wiz Internet design technician can work with you on implementing and promote these websites. Or we build your website from scratch to your specifications. Either way, the Web Wiz Service is a 12 month contract, a contract of service, maintenance, measure analyse and educates regarding on-line presence and online business.

Domain registration and parking;
Following competitive market price structure, currently at $18 per domain - per year.

Website hosting;
Full hosting service with a great band width and speed, including for email service and more. Annual hosting plans, one year advanced payment at $16 per month.

Website design and service - for free.
The actual building of the website, maintaining and promoting it, is a part of the one-year contractual agreement. We build the website and add materials as required through the year, including educating your staff should you prefer to take over the work when a contracted year is concluded. Some graphic editing, image optimisation - and other required graphic services for the function of the website.

An important part of our service is search engine optimisation SEO, educate and train your staff on what good SEO requirement are. To be able to see the progress of the SEO, we need to measure the result which is done through Website analysing tools, again at no extra cost.

To generate traffic for this analysing process, we suggest running pay per click PPC campaigns (optional). Even the set up and management of these campaigns are included in the annual contract. The funding of the PPC accounts is on the clients parts though.

In conclusion, you will fully employ an IT manager in your business, and fully qualified manager that looks after the departments - and instructs involved staff or what need to be done.

And we provide all this for $50 only. “Yes your excused for believing this small amounts to be an hourly charge.” But it is actually $50.00 only - per week.
To saving Administration and paperwork, commonly paid in 1, 6 or 12 months installments.

Monthly installments; $217.00

Thank you for considering Gold Coast WebWiz.
Olle Persson
+61 7 5630 1276