Gold Coast WebWiz, Web Design and SEO, Web development service.

Gold Coast WebWiz, Web Design and SEO, Web development service.

WebWiz Contracting IT Professionals.

A full month GC-WebWiz - WebSite performance analysis!

Here at Gold Coast WebWiz, we are not selling Websites!!
We will work as an OnLine IT Manager for You
inside your business for a FULL Year!

The aim and purpose of our services is to assist in all areas regarding on-line presence, such as; Domain names, Redirections, Websites, (both long term and temporary.) education into “Content Management Systems” CMS, (specifically Dot Net Nuke.) visitor registration, shopping carts, search engine optimization SEO, and much more.

Taking the tedious internet work away from the business manager, allowing him / her to do what a manager is supposed to do; running and managing the business.

Gold Coast WebWiz, Website Development and SEO

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Websites are cheap  -  and many times even free.

You will find hundreds of free offers online, or at a very low cost. Not least the excellent platform WordPress, evolving from being a pretty basic blogging list some years ago. Today you have an excellent tool in WordPress, sophisticated add-ons enable impressive website design and construction.

However, I keep stressing over and over, that the website is a live ongoing project, a baby that need almost daily attention. A website need updating, amending and adding / deleting pages, checking that the search engine optimisation is up-to-date - meaning that the pages are visible.

Consequently, one way or the other you have to assign a web designer / website manager to the maintenance / service task. As a small business manager you can employ yourself for the position, or a wife or maybe other family member - but someone need to be assigned the task.

Regardless whether it’s family members, or you might have revenue enough to support employing a dedicated IT person - the free websites will cost you money.

Maybe you’ll get your wife / husband / partner or daughter doing it at a bargain, and you might get a qualified IT staff for less than 50,000 a year. However, if you are signed this task to the CEO, the manager that are supposed to run the company, then it may well cost you the business. Or at least tens of thousands in lost productivity.

Delegation and work assignment is a very important part in small business, if you are concreter, a car dealer or a solicitor - you should do what you do best and delegate other tasks for people with expertise in a specific area.

Olle R Persson, Gold Coast WebWiz, WebDesign

We here at Gold Coast WebWiz work as contracting IT staff / website development and maintenance.

And our annual salary starts at around $1,500.00 per year - that is the bargain of the decade.

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 The Gold Coast Web Wiz is a one-stop service for your online presence.

Gold Coast web Wiz provides website design that act by an ongoing development service, servicing small businesses through a wide variety of industry sectors. Call capabilities include visual design, production, traffic and lead generation, search engine optimisation SEO, and as well as monitoring and performance analyses and reporting.

Olle R Persson, Gold Coast WebWiz, WebDesignHi, my name is Olle Persson. Manager and co-founder of Gold Coast web Wiz, some 10 years ago now. I am also a dedicated entrepreneur and small business owner / manager since the 1970s, and mounting to over 30 years - of promotion, sales and marketing in the small business world.

The online marketing experience commenced somewhere in the mid 1990s, resulting in six figures sales of process machinery and equipment over the years 1997 through to 2000.

Since year 2000, we’d down-sized their mechanical engineering side of the business, and changed the focus to website development and online marketing. We have over these 10 - 15 years helped many customers shifting their marketing focused from an off-line to an online perspective.

The importance of Web design and development;

A website is a crucial component of any companies 21st-century strategy, utilising these technologies, quality website design, development and management - will always boost the effectiveness of the business. Websites allow your customers easy access to information about your business, information that is easily updatable and quickly adjusters as changes occurs.

The websites also, automatically, keep your business open and available 24 hours seven days of the week. This availability is important regardless if you have the intention to sell off your website, E-Commerce, or simply generating leads for your sales departments follow-ups. This is the online face of your business, we will do sign a website with appeal to your target audience, a website that would promote your brand, enhanced with appropriate technology for visitor retention and growth of the business.

Olle R Persson, Gold Coast WebWiz, WebDesign

E-commerce websites;

we have internal resources to develop and implement various shopping carts, event calendars, client booking software, and much more. We have also external resources and corporations with companies like NETO E-commerce and other specialised companies.

In Gold Coast web Wiz, we emphasise and focus on many areas beside the actual shopping carts, creating a friendly and trusting environment - and building visitor relationships. Online sales, in most cases being hundred percent electronic, requires a lot of trust building, creating relationships and getting to know your visitors. The common strategy juiced is often referred to as funnel marketing, building relationships through gifts - in exchange only for clay and contact information’s.

Websites - content management systems – CMS;
Well over 90% of small business websites, and of course private websites, today builds on content management system platforms – CMS. Some well-known CMS’ are; Word Press, Jumla and Dot Net Nuke, the basic principle is that the CMS platform is easily accessible through your standard web browser. You don’t need any other software than an Internet browser to enable login, management and edit honest modifications of your website.

In this rapidly changing world our websites, our online face of the business, need regular and frequent updates and changes. The websites are therefore need to be easily accessible at any time, and anywhere. With a CMS platform, you can walk in to any cyberspace cafe in the world, and perform what updates you need on your website. Items that may require updates may be news articles, product information and pricing - publications and much more.

Learning and growing into an online environment;

The above may sound complex and daunting, but a broken down in simple easy digestible pieces - it becomes a quite easy and pain less growth process.

The process does however require a fair bit of time, hence why a partnership with Gold Coast web Wiz is a minimum of 12 months contract agreement.

We are looking for to meeting with your, in person or over phone, and be able to discuss your options in further details.

Please call or email right now;    +61 07 5630 1276     /  admin(a)


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Gold Coast WebWiz, Website Development and SEO

 Affiloblueprint: An Honest Affiliate Marketing System

As mentioned, we are providing you with many great offers throughout this website. Our mission here, is to provide you a complete service, a complete selection of choices - regardless of your aims and experiences in the field of online businesses. Gold Coast web Wiz, is heavily involved in affiliate marketing as well as many other types of online marketing, we believe it to be our obligation towards the customer to be abreast with all the different areas and the different opportunities.

Mark Ling and his wonderful creation “AffiloBlueprint” is one such option, the infamous step-by-step guide to creating an affiliate marketing website. It was created by Mark Ling, an 8-figure millionaire affiliate. Before I jump into what is included, and whether it is worth it or not, I want to tell you a bit more about Mark’s story - and I think you’ll be very surprised.

Mark began affiliate marketing in college. He was making $3,000 a week in less than a year. He did this by ranking highly in Google search engines, and targeting profitable niches. And this was all great - until one day he got Google slapped, and it instantly started to crash! But Mark didn’t give it up. He decided to give it another go, and this time instead of focusing on banner ads, he decided to put more focus on making money through email marketing. And you know what?

It worked.

It worked so well, that he looked at his dad. He was in a stressful job he hated. Mark wanted to help him do what he was doing - so he created AffiloBlueprint, a system his technically challenged dad could even use. And you know what?

His dad is now retired on a 6-figure income that works on autopilot!

AffiloBlueprint Strips Away The Confusion With A Foul-Proof Guide To Success

AffiloBlueprint is exactly what it says it is - a blueprint. It tells you what you need to do, step-by-step guide to creating an affiliate website by scratch. It contains 12 modules. Each module includes over-the-shoulder videos, PDF notes and homework to complete. At the end of the course, you’ll have a finished website - and, just as importantly, traffic too!

This is great for new affiliates, who still don’t understand all of the steps involved, and need a blueprint to follow. I went through it, and I can personally tell you that Mark Ling’s formula works. And he has left nothing out - it is all there.

Get One-On-One Help With Mark Ling’s Support Staff

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to someone who can look over your website, and give you suggestions to improve it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have mentors on-hand? When you purchase AffiloBlueprint, you will also get the opportunity to talk with support staff as much as you like! They can give you one-on-one training, help and answers. Other services usually charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for this, making it an absolute steal. On that note...

AffiloBlueprint Will Actually Save You Money And Pay For Itself

Obviously, it will pay for itself by teaching you how to make a money-magnet website. But it will also save you money - right now. As a new affiliate, my guess is you’ve bought lots and lots of products and services, such as web hosting, and SEO tools. All of those things are great - but the monthly expenses add up! One thing I really enjoyed with AffiloBlueprint is it taught me how to do everything using FREE tools. So you can rank websites in Google using FREE tools and services. They even include free website hosting for up to 5 websites for a year!

But AffiloBlueprint Has A Downside - So Be Careful!

AffiloBlueprint gives you everything you need to succeed, but it doesn’t give you a website in your lap. It comes with homework modules, and you have to actually DO the work - otherwise, you won’t even make money. If you want a made-for-you solution, you will need to look elsewhere because this isn’t it. They have purposefully given you the training and not made the sites so that they can offer it for a reduced price.

If You Want A Formula For Success, This Is It

As long as you are willing to do the work and follow the system, you are guaranteed to make a website that is exactly how Mark Ling does it. It is really easy to follow the instructions, and no matter what, you have a 60 day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. Check it out before the FREE bonuses expire, which are worth $164 by themselves! To find out what they are and to see AffiloBlueprint for yourself, check it out here:

Mepstar Shopping and Affiliate Marketing.  AffiloBlueprint 


Contact Gold Coast WebWiz, Website Developer, SEO Experts - Your OnLine IT Service for a FULL YEAR

Here at Gold Coast Web Wiz, we are not selling websites!

We are actually allowing our sponsors and partners to offer their cheap websites here on the site, you will find some of the services under the “partner and sponsors” tab.

At web Wiz Internet design technician can work with you on implementing and promote these websites. Or we build your website from scratch to your specifications. Either way, the Web Wiz Service is a 12 month contract, a contract of service, maintenance, measure analyse and educates regarding on-line presence and online business.

Domain registration and parking;
Following competitive market price structure, currently at $18 per domain - per year.

Website hosting;
Full hosting service with a great band width and speed, including for email service and more. Annual hosting plans, one year advanced payment at $16 per month.

Website design and service - for free.
The actual building of the website, maintaining and promoting it, is a part of the one-year contractual agreement. We build the website and add materials as required through the year, including educating your staff should you prefer to take over the work when a contracted year is concluded. Some graphic editing, image optimisation - and other required graphic services for the function of the website.

An important part of our service is search engine optimisation SEO, educate and train your staff on what good SEO requirement are. To be able to see the progress of the SEO, we need to measure the result which is done through Website analysing tools, again at no extra cost.

To generate traffic for this analysing process, we suggest running pay per click PPC campaigns (optional). Even the set up and management of these campaigns are included in the annual contract. The funding of the PPC accounts is on the clients parts though.

In conclusion, you will fully employ an IT manager in your business, and fully qualified manager that looks after the departments - and instructs involved staff or what need to be done.

And we provide all this for $50 only. “Yes your excused for believing this small amounts to be an hourly charge.” But it is actually $50.00 only - per week.
To saving Administration and paperwork, commonly paid in 1, 6 or 12 months installments.

Monthly installments; $217.00

Thank you for considering Gold Coast WebWiz.
Olle Persson
+61 7 5630 1276